Highly Skilled Craftsmen You Can Count On

Thorpe knows that our work is only as good as our people. This is why our team is made up of the best craftsmen in the industry providing only the best maintenance outcomes for our customers. We utilize a model of hands on project management and field execution done by highly skilled craftsmen.

Our team possesses deep in-house knowledge of mission critical equipment and our season field crews are adept at executing work on equipment in a variety of environments, both severe and less severe. All employees understand the factors of working in high temperature and pressure environments. Critical equipment in these environments requires extensive knowledge and experienced craftsmen capable of executing their craft safely, reliably and successfully.

We have a long history of frequent, reoccurring projects inside our customer facilities that creates specific process unit expertise, ensuring consistent work quality and adherence to project deadlines. With every job we encounter, the team at Thorpe takes into account our 3 keys of reliability every step of the way. We bring a unique mindset to the market ensuring that we support customers by choosing the right material, the right design and the right craftsman to execute the job. This aspect of our job is critical, as we understand the severity of our work environments and recognize that failure could be catastrophic.

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