Take Advantage of Regular Equipment Maintenance

When equipment is first manufactured, it’s usually constructed with low-grade parts that are not designed to remain reliable forever. Corrosive and refractory processes reduce plant production efficiency due to the wear on mission critical equipment. Require regular maintenance attention is required because, at some point, all equipment will experience a failure that is potentially catastrophic to your plant.

This is when a critical decision needs to be made. Rather than choosing an equipment maintenance provider that only knows how to put things back to their beginning state, choose one who has the problem solving ability, engineering empowered solutions and seasoned field personnel to drive better results for your plant.

Our end goal with industrial equipment maintenance and efficiency is to get equipment to a point where more throughput won’t cause damage. With consistently executed maintenance work, we strive to prevent breakage and total shutdown before it happens. Once equipment is no longer running, it requires a lot of planning, redesign and labor to execute a complete overhaul versus performing effective maintenance and avoiding downtime altogether.

If you have aging equipment that isn’t in immediate need of repair, there’s still a high chance that your equipment is operating inefficiently. We have extensive experience in working alongside plant personnel long-term to execute a wholesale replacement or piecemeal plan over years to improve the equipment efficiency and extend the life cycle.

The Thorpe team has seen equipment all over the industry, and possesses the technical resources to solve problems and eliminate downtime. Our in-house engineering expertise and complete product knowledge drive value for our customers.

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