Thorpe’s Commitment to Social Responsibility

The welfare of our employees is our leading core value. This value encompasses not only the physical safety and health of every employee but also leads to the success and profitability of the company. Safety and production are of equal importance and are considered inseparable.

At Thorpe, we are committed to providing a safe work environment and a financially stable company for our employees. We work to integrate key elements of our safety, health and environmental policies into every aspect of our business in order to motivate employees to complete work tasks without incident and to achieve recognition as a leader in our industry.

Thorpe has established the following set of social responsibility beliefs:

  • Our employees are our greatest asset.
  • No level of incidents, injuries or environmental releases is acceptable.
  • We will not compromise safety, quality or integrity for the sake of production.
  • We value and encourage employee participation in safety, health and environmental auditing and improvement programs.
  • We believe that every employee is responsible and accountable for the safety of himself and his fellow workers.
  • We believe that through effective training programs, our employees can safely and effectively perform their work at a level unsurpassed in our industry.
  • We believe that providing our employees with a place to work that is free from recognizable safety, health and environmental hazard is the right thing to do.

We are passionate about excellence and doing our work right the first time. Our reputation depends on our delivered value in the eyes of every customer. Deep-rooted in Thorpe’s foundation are unwavering practices of honesty, transparency, fairness and equality. Instilled values throughout Thorpe ensure that decisions and actions are grounded on doing the right thing each and every time. Our core values guide behavior to maintain a safe work culture, providing quality work and ensuring zero harm to the environment and its employees.

These values are:

  • Safety is our top value, ALWAYS
  • Quality of our service is the crucial point of differentiation
  • Treat teammates, customers and vendors with respect
  • Always act in an ethical manner
  • Our guiding principle is to always “do the right thing”
  • “Be quick – Keep it simple”

Thorpe is committed to compliance with the letter and spirit of foreign and domestic anti-corruption laws. These laws prohibit bribery and corrupt payments, gifts or inducements of any kind, to or from any person in the public or private commercial sector to gain an improper business advantage. That includes our customers, consultants, distributors, vendors, representatives and suppliers, as well as government officials.

Thorpe values open and transparent communication. Thorpe expects employees and business partners to report known or suspected misconduct involving Thorpe, even if they are in no way involved with the misconduct itself. The company can only do something about misconduct if it knows about it.

When concerns about integrity arise, we encourage employees to go to their supervisors, Human Resource managers, or other Thorpe Senior Managers. If their integrity concerns are not resolved, or they do not feel comfortable discussing them with anyone within the company, they can report their concern by mail, phone or Internet to the Thorpe Anti-Corruption Compliance Officer.

Thorpe suppliers, contractors, and other business partners can also report any business conduct and ethical concern via the same options below:

To further inquire about Thorpe’s Anti-Corruption Policy or to report suspicious activity, please contact:

Anti-Corruption Compliance Officer

Thorpe Specialty Services Corporation

P. O. Box 330407

Houston, TX 77233

(713) 644-1247

E-Mail –

Thorpe investigates all reports and is committed to maintaining confidentiality to the maximum extent possible. Thorpe strictly prohibits retaliation against anyone who makes a good faith report.