Rapid Response and Customized Solutions for HRSG Challenges

Heat Recovery Steam Generators are used in many applications in industrial and power generation plants. These units often experience problems with insulation of the exhaust gas discharge duct due to warping and failure of the metal-sheathing from heat, turbulence and vibration.

Thorpe’s turnkey capability allows rapid response and customized solutions to refractory and duct insulation issues. We utilize pumpable materials to eliminate hot spots while the unit is operating and/or during outages. Many times, we’re able to offer design changes to eliminate the need for internal metal sheathing which is an expensive maintenance item. Other benefits include sealing of penetrations from air leakage using our HOTSEAL® tube penetration sealing system and replacement of accessory items such as integrated peephole openings and access doors.

By combining our engineering capabilities and skilled field crews, we routinely supply turnkey solutions to design, manufacture, supply and install improved lining systems to meet customer needs.

Examples of Thorpe’s HRSG work experience include:

  • Hot spot pumping on-line or during outages
  • Tube penetration seals (ie.HOTSEAL® system)
  • Peephole surrounds and blocks
  • Duct relines to eliminate metal sheathing
  • Safety liners
  • Floor improvements

Gain Access to Thorpe’s Engineering Capabilities & Skilled Field Crews