Thorpe’s Full-Service Robotic Demolition and Debris Removal

Thorpe has the Brokk demolition equipment, experience and expertise to safely and efficiently help customers get units back online faster, cheaper and safer. Under the expert guidance of highly experienced operators, our Brokks can safely outwork large teams. Operators control these pieces of equipment via remote control while maintaining a safe distance from unsafe environments. This capability allows for work to begin sooner and finish faster with fewer people and improved safety for all those involved.

The Most Advanced Brokk Demolition Machinery, Readily Available

Thorpe owns and maintains a fleet of the most advanced robotic demolition machinery available today: the Brokks 250, 180, 160, 150 and 90 demolition robots. Our experts can recommend the best machine for your job, based on specific needs. Brokk demolition equipment is precisely designed to work in confined space and is especially effective in Rotary Kilns. Brokks are compact, maneuverable and generate an extraordinary amount of hitting power. To better protect against equipment issues during outages, Thorpe owns and maintains multiple versions Brokk, including an inventory of critical replacement parts.

Brokk Debris Removal

Demolition is only the first step of the job. Next, Thorpe has the experienced crews and the equipment to safely and quickly remove the debris generated by the Brokks. This includes small Bobcats with specially modified buckets to meet the needs of the job. Additionally, we have motorized conveyors and other equipment as needed to safely expedite debris removal. While some jobs require only the removal of process restrictions (coatings, slag, etc.), Thorpe has over 60 years of experience installing new lining materials to help return operating equipment to service; safely and quickly in a single source supply.

Cut Unit Downtime & Wasted Costs with Thorpe