Thorpe has been an industry recognized leader in severe service refractory lining systems since 1954. Our engineering approach to evaluation of lining behaviors during the performance of inspections and maintenance work provides us with the unique perspective to also develop product enhancements. Many of our product solutions have been patented or trademarked. From the beginning, Thorpe has taken on the manufacture of these items to better control the quality of new products, as well as the delivery times to support field construction activities.

The products which we manufacture are typically ceramic fiber based, high temperature seals, refractory monolithic shapes, or engineered composite materials. We offer stand-alone materials to fit customer provided bills of materials, or we can provide engineering services to develop designs and manufacture the custom materials for specific needs. Our full capability is realized when our manufacturing services complement our engineering, project management and field services to provide a complete turnkey project for customers by expediting schedules and better controlling costs.