Rotary Kiln engineering service

Thorpe services Rotary Kilns used in various industrial markets such as:

  • Cement
  • Lime
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Incineration
  • Coke Calcining
  • Reclamation
  • Kaolin

These units typically operate at high temperatures (close to 3000°F for some applications) under very dynamic conditions. Not only do these units have large unsupported spans between piers, but they also rotate. This creates a dynamic situation with potential for sagging, flexing and egging of the shell during operation. These movements can impart enough stress into the refractory system to cause the lining to catastrophically fail. In addition, exposure to atmospheric conditions including heat, cold, rain, etc. stresses the refractory lining. Many applications can also be very corrosive to the refractory, the steel shell and components, or both. Thorpe has helped customers maintain and improve their refractory lining systems in these units since 1954.

Thorpe has successfully performed work in rotary kilns since 1954.

Over the years, we have acquired the people, experience, equipment and processes to be a leader in rotary kiln demolition and refractory installation. We have our own experienced engineering specialists and draftsmen to prepare detailed construction drawings for each project. In addition to our engineering capabilities, we maintain across our branches a large resource of highly skilled bricklayers and field laborers experienced in the process from tear-out to heat-up.

Thorpe has specialized equipment that allows us to be more productive and to outperform our competition.

  • For demolition, we maintain a fleet of Brokk Robotic Demolition machines as well as specially outfitted bobcats and conveyors (gravity and motorized) for debris removal.
  • Thorpe maintains various designed kiln rigs for brick installations, either custom designed by us or commercially purchased, to ensure that we have the right equipment for the job.
  • For castables, we design our own forms and have specialized material handling and installation equipment. This includes conventional gunite rigs, refractory material pumps, spray rigs, etc.; all designed for high production and safe operation.

Full turnkey capability

From planning through engineering, procurement and execution of the work, Thorpe has the complete team to help customers get units back into production in a safe and timely manner that maximizes reliability and minimizes long term maintenance costs.

Typical associated equipment we service:


  • Cyclones & Ducts
  • Flash Furnaces
  • Riser Ducts
  • Feed Slopes


  • Tail Rings
  • Chain Sections
  • Tri-Foils
  • Quad-Foils
  • Lifters
  • Dams
  • Retainer Rings
  • Tertiary Air Nozzles
  • Nose Rings
  • Burner Pipes
  • Kiln Hoods
  • Dropout Chutes


  • Cooler Throats
  • Bull Noses
  • Tertiary Air Ducts
  • Curbs

Rotary Kilns (PDF)