Premium Scaffolding Services from Start to Finish

Thorpe is a turnkey solution provider contributing OSHA compliant and engineered system industrial scaffolding services to allow access to work areas for work crews and to support overall construction, maintenance and operation activities throughout a plant. We execute work using competent scaffold builders and our onsite crews to minimize the overall number of workers needed on the job site, improve efficiency and assure schedules are maintained. Safety is Thorpe’s number one goal with an emphasis on schedule and budget.

What sets Thorpe apart from other contractors is that customers will never see an invoice for scaffold shortages. As your contractor, we take full responsibility for scaffold inventory and site management. We also offer free estimates and pre-project planning to develop budgets and schedules. Thorpe has emergency response teams available 24/7 for unexpected emergencies and outages. Please contact our nearest location to your plant and we will make an emergency action plan for your specific site and needs.

Examples of scaffold capabilities:

  • Erection and dismantle
  • Internal
  • external
  • boilers
  • process furnaces
  • powder coated scaffolding
  • hanging scaffold
  • Fully engineered system scaffold
  • Custom designed scaffold
  • Shoring systems
  • Temporary elevators
  • Temporary trash chutes
  • Temporary structures and windbreaks

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