Thorpe is recognized by industry worldwide for our ability to combine material science and proper engineering practices to develop innovative solutions for customer’s problems. This combination, along with our manufacturing and experienced field service crews, provides true turnkey solutions for customer’s maintenance and capital project needs.

INNOVATION: Innovation is defined as the application of new solutions that meet new requirements, unarticulated or existing market needs. This is accomplished through more effective products, processes, services, technologies, or ideas. Thorpe’s history of providing Solutions through Knowledge and Innovation is proven by the many patents, trademarks and industry solutions to customer problems.

Examples of these include:

  • FIBERLITE® Burner Tiles
  • FIBERLITE® Peephole Blocks
  • Z-BLOK™ Flue Liners
  • Z-BLOK ™ I – Ceramic Fiber Modules
  • Z-BLOK ™ II – Ceramic Fiber Modules
  • DURALITE® Burner Tiles
  • DURALITE® Peephole Blocks
  • HOTSEALS® Tube Penetration Seals
  • EIM Brick System
  • Custom Bullnose Blocks
  • Radiant Heat-Shield Modules
  • Patented Refractory Anchor