Thorpe Exists to Solve the Toughest Problems

We don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions. This is why Thorpe keeps numerous skilled engineers in-house—to specialize in engineering solutions and product design. We’re proud to employ an entire engineered products group that develops customized engineered products to solve any projects encountered. As a result of our team’s success in the engineered product space, we offer engineered products created in-house, proven to work.

When you partner with Thorpe, that’s exactly what you get—a partner. We work alongside you until the end, serving as your technical resource along the way. Pulling in a third party is not required when you partner with Thorpe. We take time to connect with plant inspectors in order to take the best-engineered solutions approach. We believe in collaboration to best develop products to eliminate weak points and increase equipment life cycle. Plus, it’s engrained in our methodology to take a high-level view to equipment challenges, which is why our customers receive a free unit inspection and audit with Thorpe.

Get Engineering Empowered Solutions from a Trusted Partner