Thorpe engineers and manufactures the finest custom Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Duct, Pipe and Hoods. In a technical and demanding project, duct and pipe are often an afterthought in the design phase. Unfortunately this oversight is often detrimental to the project and real benefits are lost. Our experience has shown that when design is viewed through a whole system and a life-cycle approach, custom duct and pipe performance is far superior to a commodity product.

We design and manufacture FRP duct and pipe in virtually any diameter and to 40 feet in length for a single spooled piece. With use of virtually any corrosion resistant resin on the market, pipe and duct can be custom made for any application. Resin choice allows FRP duct and pipe to outperform pre-engineered commodity products in a broad range of corrosive environments and temperatures. FRP has a lower coefficient of friction than other duct and pipe material choices. This smooth interior allows easy movement and can reduce strain on pumps and motors resulting in reduced operational and maintenance costs.

Our custom duct and pipe is typically manufactured with a round cross section. Sections are pre-spooled in the longest practical shippable shapes to allow for simple assembly. Joints can either be butt and wrapped or flanged. Engineered with safety factors of 10:1 against pressure and 5:1 against vacuum, Thorpe’s custom pipe surpasses the performance, quality, lifecycle and system costs of commodity pipe.