Our manufacturing locations are set up for shop casting of monolithic materials into unlimited composite shapes and sizes. This includes all monolithic materials, single or multiple products or varying composite types of materials.

These products can be shipped after casting or after a thermal dryout to required temperatures under controlled conditions. Thorpe is able to acquire castables from any reputable source allowing us to select the best materials for the application.

DURALITE® Burner Tiles and Peephole Blocks

DURALITE® tiles are designed for severe process furnace conditions to be self-supporting and easily integrate into fiber based or brick lining systems. DURALITE® tiles are the most rugged, lightweight self-supporting products available capable of withstanding flame impingement, excessive temperature exposures, and higher velocities. These composite blocks consist of a very dense high temperature hot face castable to best endure high burner temperatures as well as the high velocities common to these process heaters. Other high temperature lightweight materials are utilized to thermally insulate the furnace shell and to reduce weight. The light weight enables the blocks to be self-supporting thereby eliminating the heat sink and failures common to the use of support shelves. For less severe faster delivery needs, please see our proprietary FIBERLITE® products.