The welfare of our employees is our leading core value. This value encompasses not only the physical safety and health of every employee, but also leads to the success and profitability of the company. Safety and production are of equal importance and are considered inseparable.

At Thorpe, we are committed to providing a safe work environment and a financially stable company for our employees. We work to integrate key elements of our safety, health and environmental policies into every aspect of our business in order to motivate employees to complete work tasks without incident and to achieve recognition as a leader in our industry.

The Company has established the following set of values and beliefs:

  • Our employees are our greatest asset.
  • No level of incidents, injuries or environmental releases is acceptable.
  • We will not compromise safety, quality or integrity for the sake of production.
  • We value and encourage employee participation in safety, health and environmental auditing and improvement programs.
  • We believe that every employee is responsible and accountable for the safety of himself and fellow workers.
  • We believe that through effective training programs, our employees can safely and effectively perform their work at a level unsurpassed in our industry.
  • We believe that providing our employees with a place to work that is free from recognizable safety, health and environmental hazard is the right thing to do.


Moving Materials In A Confined Space Using A Conveyor System

Chad Fletcher
President & CEO
Thorpe Specialty Services Corp.

Par Bennstrom
Corporate HSE Manager
Thorpe Specialty Services Corp.