Thorpe maintains a full line of shop mandrels up to 57 feet in diameter for tanks, scrubbers, pipes, ducts, stacks, and chimney liners. These can be oriented in vertical or horizontal directions and can be double-walled, insulated, pressurized, dual-laminate, large or small diameter. Thorpe has the ability to quickly manufacture custom pipe systems with either hand lay-up or filament structures in any variety of resin systems. We also produce and stock a full line of domestic made fittings available for purchase and can produce custom fittings and flanges with minimal lead times. Our total shop space between three plants is over 400,000sf.

Parts and Appurtenances

Our capabilities include providing FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) fittings and flanged nozzles for any application. Our plants can provide custom made appurtenances for all FRP tanks or process vessels including access, testing or view ports, flanges, nozzles in a variety of pressure ratings, threaded couplings, ladders, level gauges, trays, supports, clips, tubes, heat panel systems, platforms, handrails, insulation, heating units, baffles, support stands, saddles, fill and siphon pipes, agitator supports, coned bottoms, and more. In addition, we provide the needed FRP pipe, duct, hoods, scrubbers, and stacks for your project needs.