Below are examples of some of the general services Thorpe offers to support customer’s needs. These services are provided in any combination, including with our specialty services, to help customers streamline their maintenance and outage needs, improve communications, decrease on-site personnel and to lower costs.

  • Fireproofing – for structural steel, vessel skirts, and building assemblies. Applications include lightweight cementation products, epoxies, intumesce and concrete products.
  • Fire Watch – standby personnel for flammable environments, which may include hot work, welding, etc.
  • Hole Watch – standby personnel for confined spaces or hazardous areas, which may require air monitors.
  • Painting – structural steel, piping and equipment using various primers and industrial finishes per customer specifications.
  • Concrete Installations – simple dirt work, forms, curbs, aprons, pad sites, etc.
  • Fire Stop Systems – for virtually any opening or penetration through which heat or smoke might pass, ESCI offers a fire stop solution that will help minimize damage in the event of a fire
  • Input Consulting – provide consulting on estimates for fireproofing, insulation, and other services offered by Thorpe
  • General Labor – to support construction and maintenance activities, concrete systems, housekeeping, mobilize and demobilize, yard maintenance, weed control, etc.