Thorpe is a Trusted Partner in Energy Transition

With major oil & gas, petrochemical and industrial producers making strong commitments towards energy transition and environmental preservation, Thorpe stands ready to be the trusted partner for plants in energy intensive industries nationwide. It is one thing to say that and another to do it as we have for decades. Thorpe backs up that commitment up with engineered solutions, turnkey services & project management, innovative applications, unparalleled service & technical expertise, safety and a track record of success. Thorpe can do that today, and is the right partner for your plant tomorrow and into the future. These critical components are why our customers say we are “vital” to their site operations.

Thorpe Plant Maintenance & Engineering has always been an industry leader in partnering with producers to enhance plant productivity through engineering empowered solutions for corrosion, refractory, scaffolding and insulation. As a premier provider of reoccurring specialty services related to the maintenance of critical infrastructure assets operating in high temperature and highly corrosive environments across a variety of industries, Thorpe is relied on by prominent leaders in oil & gas, chemical, petrochemical and heavy industrial. Our track record of success is well documented and unparalleled in the industry. Now, Thorpe is positioned to do the same in this critical movement to align energy intensive industries with broader environmental goals.

“Thorpe’s fundamental belief in stewardship and social responsibility, along with our strong commitment to provide client solutions enable us to help our valued clients bring energy intensive industrial plants into harmony with the environment.”
— Chad Fletcher, CEO, Thorpe

Thorpe’s History of Stewardship & Environmental Sustainability

Thorpe’s role as a trusted partner to forward thinking companies has been instrumental in moving their businesses forward and reaching their goals. Providing value is foundational to engineered solutions where our DNA is about providing solutions and not just services. Value is defined by the client, so profoundly understanding client needs is the starting point. This is evidence of our natural alignment to stewardship of our clients and environmental preservation.

Corrosion Services for Environmental Protection

The intense chemical processes utilized in petrochemical plants continually corrodes in linings of the vessels in which they are housed. Without proper maintenance this corrosion can cause an environmentally dangerous incident. Thorpe utilizes engineering empowered solutions to ensure plants do not negatively impact the environment as well as lengthening equipment life and increasing plant efficiency and productivity.

Engineering Empowered Refractory Services

Thorpe understands value starts by understanding our customers’ needs. With knowledge comes the ability to design solutions that most effectively and efficiently achieve our customers’ goals. Thorpe’s engineering empowered solutions are the difference in working with us to keep your refractory processes operating efficiently and safely.

Scaffolding & Insulation Sustainability

Scaffolding and insulation may not appear to present an immediate environmental danger. However, properly installed scaffolding helps prevent workplace accidents that could endanger people, and the environment. Likewise, insulation plays a key role in the processes taking place in high temperature and highly corrosive environments remaining within appropriate bounds. Thorpe’s unparalleled technical expertise is key to maintaining mission critical equipment sustainably.

Thorpe: Your Maintenance & Energy Transition Trusted Partner

It’s been more than 65 years since Thorpe was first founded as a refractory contractor with strong in-house engineering capabilities in the Gulf Coast region of Texas. Over the decades our company has grown in many ways but our core mission has remained the same […]

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Trust Thorpe to be Your Energy Transition Partner