fiber-basedOur ceramic fiber module shop is set up with two full production lines for the manufacture of either customer specified commodity modules or proprietary engineered large format ceramic fiber modules. We are the inventor and manufacturer of Z-BLOK™ Ceramic Fiber Modules.

Our recently modernized manufacturing facility includes inventory of all raw materials needed to immediately begin full furnace lining fabrication. We work 24/7 to support emergency repair or reline needs of customers with various ceramic fiber module formats and products.

Z-BLOK™ Ceramic Fiber Modules

Thorpe has been the leading innovator in high temperature process furnace linings since our invention and patent of the industry’s first folded, pre-compressed engineered ceramic fiber module system in 1976; Z-BLOK™ I. Specifically designed to offset the effects of high temperature shrinkage and velocities, Z-BLOK™ is the most durable, flexible, and reliable ceramic fiber module system available today. Further improvements were made with the development and patent of Z-BLOK™ II. The unique hardware system of Z-BLOK™ II allowed for the increased size from a 12” X 12” module up to a 24” X 24” large format module size. This larger size allows for design enhancements at many of the critical discontinuities in a furnace lining such as bullnoses, peepholes, and burners, further insulates attachment hardware from heat due to module edge fiber shrinkage as well as improves our manufacturing efficiencies. While competitors attempt to mimic Z-BLOK™, we are the inventors, designers, and manufacturers of the original industry leading module system.

FIBERLITE® Burner Tiles and Peephole Blocks

FIBERLITE® is a derivative engineered product based upon the Z-BLOK™ module format. Utilizing the same large format as Z-BLOK™ II modules with additional hardware, we are able to manufacture self-supported ceramic fiber module solutions such as radiant wall burner tiles and peephole blocks, specifically designed to fit into adjacent lining systems. Various viewing angles and radiant wall burner requirements are easily adapted into the design and manufactured to quickly provide replacement modules during planned or unplanned outages or for new full lining designs or retrofits. For more severe service radiant wall burner tiles or direct flame impingement peephole blocks, please see our proprietary DURALITE® products.

CM-Pleat and CM-Welded Modules

Our CM-Modules are manufactured as a non-engineered lining system designed to easily replace other small format modules based upon customer provided specifications. All materials and various internal/attachment hardware items are maintained in inventory to allow a quick manufacturing response to customer’s planned or unplanned requirements.

Other Fiber Based Solutions

Thorpe has several other fiber based products available as well as the ability to custom design and manufacture to customer specific needs. Other common products include HOTSEALS®, peep door plugs, access door plugs, bullnose blocks, ceramic fiber based pillows, gaskets, door seals, etc. These composite products often utilize our other manufacturing services such as high temperature textiles and refractory monolithic materials.

Z-BLOK® Brochure

PIS Z-BLOK® Modules