Refractory and mechanical engineering project

Thorpe is a major service provider for refractory and mechanical projects in the industrial steel processing and metal forming/heat-treating industries in the southern United States.

As a major service provider to these industries, Thorpe specializes in turnkey projects.   Acting on behalf of the owner, Thorpe undertakes project management, arranges for construction materials and labor, including sub-contractors, and ensures acceptance of the project by commissioning of component systems and certifies completion. Our turnkey projects may also include follow-on contractual services, such as testing, training, logistical, and operational support. Turnkey project advantages include savings in costs and/or time, access to proprietary systems not otherwise available, special expertise for construction methods, simpler contractual arrangements, and allocation of entire responsibility to one contractor from project conception through acceptance and commissioning procedures.

Our capabilities in two key market segments include:

Steel Mills

  • Reheat furnace refractory, mechanical and steel fabrication
  • Precast-prefired refractory shapes
  • Furnace component fabrication and installation
  • Skid pipe/Walking beam fabrication and installation

Heat Treat/Forging Industry

  • Furnace engineering, fabrication and installation
  • Mechanical component fabrication and installation
  • Refractory repairs

Thorpe has approximately 13,000 sq. ft. of shop area to fabricate any type of project. An additional 5,000 sq. ft. dedicated to our machine shop is available for job shop type work. This facility gives us the flexibility to control a fabrication project from start to finish.

Production equipment conception is one of the main capabilities that Thorpe offers. Our staff engineers and fabricators cover most major disciplines to form a quality project team for most any project. We have years of experience in this area including successful high profile projects.

Thorpe specializes in quick turnaround jobs for outages and shutdowns, as well as normal lead time delivery jobs for maintenance and construction projects. Common machining services supplied by Thorpe include concept assistance for prototype equipment, reverse engineering, tool and die manufacturing, jig and fixture manufacturing and parts assembly.