Your #1 Choice for Refractory Solutions If you want a partner that you can rely on, look no further than Clayburn. We are a full-service supply and install refractory contractor focused on finding a solution to your problems. Our customers are confident in our performance because of our proven track record of success.

Value-Focused Partnership for Project Success

Clayburn’s strength is our team of experienced, proven field personnel combined with our capability of coordinating technical and engineering requirements, self-fabricating many of our solutions and completing installations. The result is better communication, shorter project duration, lower life cycle cost and enhanced safety with improved reliability for maintenance, retrofit and capital projects.


Our priority is listening to our customers’ needs and strategically aligning with them on all levels. We view each and every job we do as an opportunity to become a trusted partner for our customers. With an unmatched level of experience, excellent safety record and broad industry knowledge, Clayburn is able to offer top-tier service at every step.


Name your industry—we’ve probably done work for it at some point in our more than 100 years in this business. We know your site because we’ve likely worked at your site before.

We aim to look at every project through a fresh lens. With Clayburn, there is no such thing as “how we’ve always done it.” Our team constantly innovates to provide the best possible solution for our customers in every industry. Discover the range of possibilities that working with us offers.

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