Rubber lining field installation

Thorpe has decades of experience in replacing/installing rubber linings in the field as well as in our shops. Our shops have overhead cranes, sandblasting yards and 3 autoclaves for curing. Our personnel are highly skilled and trained craftsmen who take pride in our commitment to safety, quality and production. We focus on producing and delivering the highest quality rubber linings in the industry. Our services include complete removal and relining of tanks, vessels, piping, barges and various other pieces of equipment requiring rubber linings.

Thorpe offers a comprehensive range of rubber lining applications. Our personnel have applied rubber linings manufactured by the leading manufacturers including linings requiring steam curing, chemical cure linings and pre-cured materials. Thorpe consistently performs work at facilities across many industries such as Power, Petrochemical, Refineries, Water Treatment Facilities and others.

Our field services crews are available 24/7 to assist and perform any project.