Value Driven by Deep In-House Knowledge of Mission Critical Equipment

Thorpe’s core competencies center around specialty field services associated with refractory, corrosion and scaffolding & insulation. We know that a key area of focus for plant managers is lowering the total cost of ownership on their mission critical equipment. Thorpe brings a unique blend of process, engineering, operations, and construction expertise that aids customers in preventative maintenance resulting in lower costs related to maintenance, downtime or complete loss. Thorpe’s turnkey product engineering, design, installation, and maintenance eliminates outsourced service costs for our customers.

Customers can experience immediate return on their maintenance investment due to higher operation efficiency, less fuel use and more throughput on the machine. Additionally, significant savings are discovered over time as customers incur lower maintenance costs and reduced downtime costs––benefitting the customer’s bottom line.

The solution to lowering total cost of ownership is simple: partner with Thorpe. Our seasoned professionals collaborate with you to reach an engineered solution proactively outfitting equipment for long-term success. Our end goal is to reduce your life cycle ownership cost—and we always deliver.

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