The Thorpe name is synonymous with quality refractory engineering and services and is known around the world for addressing severe service lining applications. Due to the size of our company and the diversity of our customer base, we specialize in the engineering and design, manufacture and supply, and the installation of all refractory product forms. This includes all qualities and installation methods for brick, castable, plastics, boards, fiber based materials and products, high temperature textiles, etc.

Our project management and field crews are highly skilled and trained to respond to customer needs in a safe, efficient and professional manner. Besides conventional refractory services, our project management and field crews work closely with our engineers to perform lining inspections, recommend work scope ( including any desired engineering enhances), supply cost and schedule estimates, and execute the work as planned; safely, on time and within budget. Thorpe is a full turnkey refractory service supplier.

Acid Plants
Robotic Demolition
Ethylene Furnaces
Steel Industry
Reformers – Reforming Furnace
Rotary Kilns
Steam Generators (HRSG)
Heat Treating
Sulfur Recovery Units (SRU)