Thorpe Saves Your Equipment Quicker, For Less

For plants utilizing high heat and/or caustic chemical processes, there is an ongoing need for maintenance to protect your critical equipment. Our team focuses everyday on providing unique, engineering empowered solutions for maintenance and repairing our clients’ equipment. But, we take it one step further by not viewing our job as solely repairing equipment but creating a solution that will extend the life cycle of your equipment. We don’t have a “put it back like it was” mentality, but rather a “make it even better than before” approach. That’s why our clients view us a trusted partner, because we provide solutions that result in higher reliability while lowering life cycle costs.

As a way to effectively execute equipment recovery and extension, we follow a specific methodology beginning with assessment and investigation. Our team of experts take the problem at hand and ask a series of questions to accurately identify the root of the cause. After the “why” is determined, our in-house engineers identify a solution.

Our in-house team designs and fabricates the product and equipment needed to get our client up and running while increasing equipment efficiency and reliability while lowering lifetime equipment maintenance. Thorpe is the industry leader in equipment recovery and extension because we take an effective approach to modernize the linings of units, to extend the life cycle of equipment, thus lowering the maintenance cost of a unit.

When you’re needing Equipment Recovery, partner with Thorpe to reduce downtime and extend unit life cycle.

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