OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMost multi-row reformers are down-fired; these furnaces have certain design characteristics that create their own special set of issues. For example: Flue gas tunnels are important to the efficient operation of the unit and to tube life. However, multiple factors can cause them to be unstable, resulting in failing covers, leaning and snaking walls, and premature wall failure. Thorpe is familiar with designing for proper expansion/movement of these walls and is able to offer multiple engineered stabilizing features.

Furnace arches are another critical area due to numerous lining discontinuities, tube movement, and the effect of heat and gravity in overhead applications. For arch and upper wall applications, Thorpe designs and manufactures the Z-BLOK™ ceramic fiber module system. The large format is the most durable ceramic fiber module system available; best able to handle high heat and velocity, protecting the internal attachment hardware and accommodate for high temperature fiber shrinkage.

Thorpe designs and manufactures three different peepsite surround systems including FIBERLITE®, DURALITE® and Z-BLOK™ for different lining considerations. By protecting the steel openings thermally, the doors maintain a better seal, improving furnace performance.

Thorpe has helped many customers to prevent failures of the outlet bullnose from hot gas by-passing and/or burn through. Collection ducts experience failure due to high velocities, inadequate anchoring systems, pinch spalling, vibration and thermal shock. Transfer lines are very critical due to the high hydrogen gas stream, high temperatures and potential for hot gas by-passing. Failures in the transfer line can be catastrophic.

Thorpe has extensive design and installation experience in solving field refractory problems. Our in –house turnkey capabilities allow Thorpe to design, manufacture or supply, and install repairs or complete lining systems. We are able to upgrade customer’s furnace linings to include the latest in refractory thermomechanical design and material science in a single outage or over a series of outages as schedules allow.

Examples of common problem areas we address:

  • Arch failures
  • Burner tiles
  • Furnace penetration seals
  • Coffin covers
  • Tunnel wall stability
  • Outlet bullnoses
  • Buckling floors
  • Collection ducts
  • Convection section walls
  • Transfer line linings and nozzle connection hotspots
  • Outlet manifold seals or duct linings
  • Secondary reformer hotspots
  • Peep site surrounds and door plugs
  • Application of Emisshield® High Emissivity Coating installations