Thorpe Specialty Services Corp. is and technical ability. “We inspect our in a turnaround. When we do have and can continue running, they’ll come a leading supplier of plant maintenance and engineering services for industrial plants. Although the Thorpe name evokes a strong refractory heritage, the company also offers many other field services such as nonmetallic corrosion-resistant equipment and materials, insulation and coatings, scaffolding, blasting, heat treating, robotic demolition and water cooling towers.

One company that can testify to Thorpe’s expertise in all these service areas is Clean Harbors, whose working relationship with Thorpe spans nearly 20 years.

“Thorpe’s professionalism and knowledge have supported Clean Harbors for two decades running,” said Dan Tauriello, general manager of Clean Harbors Environmental Services’ Deer Park incineration facility. “When we encounter unscheduled issues at the facility, Thorpe is always flexible and incredibly responsive — able to have a crew at our location within hours.”

Tauriello also emphasized Thorpe’s drive to go above and beyond their primary services to maximize productivity and profits at its customers’ facilities.

“Not only does Thorpe excel in catering to our specific needs; they’ve also made on-point recommendations for cost-saving facility improvements,” continued Tauriello, who boasts 37 years of experience in the hazardous waste industry. “Thorpe’s been a valued partner throughout the years. We’ve been able to use Thorpe’s expertise and experience to increase the reliability of processes in our facility.”

One major component of Thorpe’s value to Clean Harbors is the company’s multiservice capabilities, which can effectively streamline the vast array of work associated with outages. While Clean Harbors has long utilized Thorpe’s refractory services, it has also taken advantage of the company’s other offerings, such as its fiberglass-reinforced plastics (FRP) services and robotic demolition.

“We use Thorpe’s refractory and FRP services,” Tauriello said, noting Thorpe’s consistent quality of work and technical ability. We inspect our fiberglass piping during turnarounds, and if we see wear or abrasion, Thorpe will come in and get it back up to the thickness we need.”

“We’re a 24/7 facility, so we never shut down the incinerators unless we’re in a turnaround. When we do have downtime, it’s critical for us to get each incinerator repaired, back up to temperature, and burning waste quickly.”

“Thorpe always responds within hours. If there’s a way they can repair it so we don’t take any extra downtime and can continue running, they’ll come up with some innovative ideas to get the job done. They’re fantastic at that.”

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