Our thoughts and prayers go out to the communities impacted by Hurricane Harvey. The effects of Hurricane Harvey are catastrophic for some families. We extend our sincere appreciation and thanks to the first responders and citizens for the thousands of rescues completed over the last few days, and the rescues they will undoubtedly continue to undertake for days to come.

During challenging times, great companies such as Thorpe rise to the occasion and take those challenges head-on. How can we be so optimistic during these trying and uncertain times?  There is one primary reason – Our great people.  Thorpe is first and foremost a service company and our team members and operating entities are ready to assist and serve our customers during this time of uncertainty and recovery.

As we have seen through all media communication outlets, the spirt of the Texas people to overcome any obstacle is critical to the region’s recovery. The team members of Thorpe exemplify this spirit and will rise to the challenge as the recovery process begins.  As a Houston-based company with multiple facilities in the Texas Gulf Coast area and throughout the USA and Canada, we would like to assure you that we will be providing services in the same manner as prior to the storm.  Our multiple locations, with a large, safe and skilled workforce, both in shop fabrication and field services, will continue to support all current and potential customers. The spirt of Thorpe and its employees will rise to this challenge as the recovery process begins.

We understand the critical situation facing you, our customers, is to return to full operational capacity and doing so in a time when your team members are dealing with their own personal crisis and challenges.   Know that we are here to assist in helping your company and your people meet these challenges safely and successfully and that we value most of all the trust you place in Thorpe and our team members.

Should you require any assistance with developing solutions to efficiently re-establish your operations, please feel free to reach out to your Thorpe representatives or call 713-644-1247 and a Thorpe representative will contact you.  We’re here to help.

Chad Fletcher
CEO – Thorpe Specialty Services Corp.