HOUSTON (May 13, 2014) – Thorpe Specialty Services Corporation and Plant Maintenance Services are merged into one company. While Thorpe and PMS operate in the same markets, they emphasize different services. Thorpe specializes in the engineering and installation of fired equipment linings and insulation. PMS specializes in low temperature, non-metallic corrosion solutions such as fiberglass reinforced plastics for vessels, tanks, piping and fittings; thermoplastics, polymer concretes, rubber linings, etc. The new combined company operates out of 12 branches located in 5 states. Most critically, the merger significantly increases the field labor pool and resources to more than 900 craftsmen and more than 3,000 field employees. The new company is better positioned to serve our customers’ needs and expands our customer base while providing added services to all customers.

Press Release (PDF)
PMS Website: http://www.plantmaintenanceservices.com/
PMS STRAND Products Website: http://www.strandtanks.com/
Industrial Flooring Services Website: http://ifsifloors.com/