Thorpe Specialty Services Corp. is an industry-leading nonmetallic corrosion-resistant equipment manufacturer and field service provider. With three corrosion manufacturing locations combining over 400,000 square feet of manufacturing space across the U.S., a full engineering group and 18 field service locations across North America, Thorpe serves a broad customer base by remedying some of the most corrosive environments found in the industry today.

“Plant Maintenance Services (PMS) merged with Thorpe in 2014, adding to the other specialty services Thorpe provides customers,” said Thorpe Specialty Services Corrosion Division COO Greg Geisen. PMS was founded in 1987 to perform field maintenance services for nonmetallic corrosion-resistant systems. Materials utilized include fiberglass-reinforced plastics (FRP), dual laminates, thermoplastics, rubber linings, various coatings and linings, chemical-resistant toppings, acid brick, and tile. To better serve customers over the years, PMS added two manufacturing locations that produce custom nonmetallic tanks, vessels, ducts, piping, and accessories.

“As the field service business expanded, so did the manufacturing,” Geisen explained. “In 2011, PMS purchased STRAND® Composites and Engineering, located in Harrison, Arkansas. STRAND brought industry prestige with it as the leading FRP tank manufacturer since 1957 and has dual ASME accreditations for RTP-1 and Section X, Class II vessels.”

STRAND is also the developer of large tank oblation technology patented in 1978. Tanks up to 57 feet in diameter are shop manufactured and field-erected in accordance with high-quality standards.

“In the PMS days, our manufacturing was primarily utilized to support our existing customers and field services,” said Geisen. “However, the STRAND brand recognition has moved Thorpe into the position of a true manufacturer, shipping nonmetallic vessels and equipment across North America and internationally.”

Today, Thorpe’s Corrosion Division is unmatched in size and capability. Thorpe maintains a fleet of service trucks and personnel to perform daily maintenance and emergency repairs for leaks, spills or failures.

“We call it ‘two men in a truck’ — short, quick jobs to keep customers up and running,” stated Geisen. “At the same time, we completely design and engineer custom solutions and equipment, manufacture nonmetallic equipment and components, and field-erect multimillion dollar turnkey projects.”

Thorpe’s corrosion specialists also perform inspections, equipment demolition, maintenance, replacement and new greenfield capital projects. Its field crews work closely with its manufacturing plants to prioritize and schedule new or replace ment equipment and accessories as needed to support project schedules and demands. This maintenance model allows Thorpe to maintain a large, skilled, permanent workforce and a better structure to perform large outage and capital work.

The key to Thorpe’s success is having one of the most experienced and highly trained management and craftsmen teams with a safety-first philosophy that creates a win-win situation for both its clients and its family of companies.

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